Oboe Blogger David Werner puts Kreedo Academy to the Test

Oboe blogger, David Werner has a passion for oboes and reeds and keeps himself and his readers informed of all things pertinent to oboists on his expansive and aesthetically pleasing website, OboeBlog.de.

He made Kreedo Academy and our first large-scale online resource the subject of his blogging. He wrote two articles and in the second he put our Knife Sharpening Companion to the test by diving in and using it to work one of his own knives, detailing his journey in word and image.

Was he successful in sharpening his knife? Find out by visiting his blog. We’ve also included an English translation in the “News” section of our Reed Room here at Kreedo Academy.

KREEDO ACADEMY Original Post in German Feb 26, 2019

Click here to read the article in English translation

Knowledge Applied Original post in German May 14, 2019

Click here to read the article in English translation


David Werner is principal oboist in the Anhalt Philharmonic in Dessau Germany. He is also a published author of a beautiful book on reed making, Der Weg zum Guten Oboenrohr. Buy your copy in German here. Keep an eye out because an English translation is in the works!