• RiegerClean RC50: Reed disinfecting agents 50 ml

RiegerClean RC50: Reed disinfecting agents 50 ml

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General Informationen
Packaging Unit = 50 ml

Disinfectant solution
Suitable for all instruments played played by different musiciants for example in an orchestra, during lessons, at music shops or at exhibitions and trade fairs...
It is also indicated for conscientious cleaning of the mouthpiece or reed.

» without alcohol
» non-flammable
» without chemical additives
» highly effective almost all bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs
» ph-neutral, non-irritating
» non-toxic to humans and animals
» non-corrosive
» simple and fast application

Rieger Clean use:
Spray on reed or surface to be disinfected.You can also fill in a small container with the solution and immerge the reed for ca. 30 sec in Rieger Clean.

Content: Disinfection solution

License registrations: EU528/2012 Biocide
Regulation Art.-List 95; Annex 1§11DIN901
Drinking Water Regulation; §4 Annex 2DüMV;
Worksheet W229/2008 DVGW;
tested according to EN1276 & 13704.BAuA Reg.
Nr. N-91876.DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
Contained active ingredients /litre RAFIlythe concentrate:
Cl²=390-600mg/l, HClO, ClO² and O³ in minimal dosis within the
limits of the applicable drinking water regulation

Produced by
RAFIlythe®, Rachel-Straus-Weg 6, 69124 Heidelberg
Product Informationen
Art no.: 0311


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