• reedmaking kit for oboe [Guercio]

reedmaking kit for oboe [Guercio]

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This kit contains the following tools:
1x leather tool bag, black
1x knife: Chiarugi single or double bevel (please choose)
1x oboe mandrel: Guercio (please choose)
1x pliers with wire cutter
1x cutting block: solid ebony, Ø 30 mm
1x brass wire: Ø 0.35 mm
1x serafl thread: 250 m (please choose)
1x teflon ribbon: thickness 0.075 mm, width 10 mm, length 12 m
2x oboe plaque: plastic, black and red
5x oboe staple: Guercio (please choose)
10x gouged and shaped oboe cane (please choose)

Attention: mandrel and tubes should have the same size.
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Art no.: SGuer


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