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How to disinfect reeds correctly

Mouthpiece Cleaner: Disinfectant Solution for Reeds

Highly effective against almost all viruses (incl. SARS corona virus), bacteria and fungi

Due to the pandemic, the correct disinfection of oboe and bassoon reeds is essential.
Regular disinfection not only protects against SARS coronavirus, but also stops the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The disinfection guidelines for our Mouthpiece Cleaner™ state that....

  • the surfaces to be disinfected must be completely wetted 
  • with the disinfectant solution the exposure time must be 30 seconds
  • the disinfectant solution must not be rinsed off afterwards

Practically, two methods of implementation have become established:

Method 1:
You immerse the reed in the solution up to about the wrap and, after 30 seconds of exposure time, turn it around when removing it so that the solution runs out down the inside of the reed.



Method 2:
Spray the reeds that they are completely wetted from the outside and inside and let the disinfectant solution act for at least 30 seconds.

In both cases, do not (!) rinse the reed after the disinfection process.  

Safe and reliable disinfection of your students' mouthpieces is indispensable, especially in music school lessons.

We recommend the use of Kreedo Mouthpiece Cleaner™ and RiegerClean™:
A disinfecting solution specifically for mouthpieces. It is suitable for all reeds from oboe and bassoon to clarinet and saxophone.

The mouthpiece cleaner... 

  • does not contain alcohol and is not flammable
  • is effective against almost all viruses (including SARS coronaviruses), bacteria and fungi
  • is non-irritating
  • is not corrosive
  • is easy and fast to use

There are still alcohol-based alternatives, e.g. from your pharmacy. However, these solutions are not certified for mouthpiece disinfection.

On the subject of disinfecting instruments:
basically, a distinction is made between internal (inner bore) and external (keys, body) disinfection. At this point, I can only pass on my own experience:

I have been disinfecting the inner bore of my oboe for years. However, caution is required here. If disinfectant solution gets on the pads and the corks, they can come off (the glue dissolves).

Please also proceed carefully when disinfecting the keys and the body. Spraying the oboe directly with disinfecting solution is not advisable. I put the solution on a lint-free cloth, for example a microfiber polishing cloth, and wipe it carefully with it.